Ion Grumeza

Author, historian, educator, and philosopher


Effectology® is a philosophical theory that examines the effects of accidents throughout history.

For example:

  • Medieval alchemists' search for gold produced no gold but led to the accidental discovery of other chemicals and gave us today's table of elements.
  • Louis VII's refusal to shave the beard he grew during the Crusade led to a divorce from his queen who subsequently married Henry of Anjou. In claiming Eleanor's dowry, Henry declared a war on France that would extend through the next 300 years.
  • In 1920, Moritz, an ape, got into a fight with Fritz, the dog companion of King Alexander of Greece. Wanting to break up the fight, the young king was bitten by the ape and died two weeks later of septicemia. The new king was so detested by the western powers that they withdrew their support, causing Greece to lose the war. So it was that Moritz the ape and Fritz the dog changed the entire course of Greek and Turkish history.

Even with advanced technology and modern inventions that give us tremendous control over our environment, we cannot prevent or stop these "accidents" in mid-action. Yet, by studying them, we may learn to more smoothly integrate accidents and their effects into our lives. That is the educational mission of Effectology.

Through Ion invites you to join in an exploration and dialogue about past and current unforeseen and unintended accidental events and the effects that keep changing history. In the fall of 2012, he will lead a course on Effectology at Bellarmine  University in Louisville, Kentucky, for the Veritas Society.