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Metaphysical Reflections On Spirituality

Masters Thesis
University of Metaphysical Science

Metaphysical Reflections On Spirituality
By Ion Grumeza

Let me begin with a story that brought together much of my spiritual knowledge and opened my views about its importance. It is about my friend’s unusual experience, how it made me think about the power of praying, and how my metaphysical courses expanded my understanding about many spiritual matters.

It all began when I re-connected with a friend after 35 years. Within the first few minutes of a long-distance phone conversation I learned that he had just came out of coma that had kept him in the hospital for three months. His spiritual journey began well before this. His parents died years ago within two days of each other, which demonstrated to my friend that love unites people even after death. The tragic event made him spiritually aware, and he began to pray. Since then, he told me, he has been a different person—much stronger and happier.

With these positive feelings, he went into the hospital for routine surgery. But things went terribly wrong. He contracted a virus that was not detected until severe damage had already been done. He then needed to have heart surgery, and one kidney had to be taken out. My friend believes that prayer helped with his healing, as he was sure his nightmarish experience would soon be over and that he would be healthy again.

Instead he went into a coma.

He remembers very little, but enough to reveal the power of self-healing. He had a near death experience during which he refused to die. He recalls that he was always cold but never in the dark, and he says that he knew he was not going to die.

He did not know that his wife was praying for him continually.

He did not know that on her way to work, she made a four hour detour each day to come and see him. She could touch only his feet, because the rest of his body was hooked up to tubes and wires.

He did know that there was a time each day that he felt warm and sensed that a guardian angel was watching him; that was when his wife was stroking his feet, he would realize when he came out of the coma.

Subconsciously, he says now, he felt that he was connected to a divine force that guided his unconscious being and helped him defeat death—even though he was not afraid of dying because that meant meeting up with his parents.

In spite of other complications, my friend began to recover and came out of the coma. The doctors called him a “miracle case.” He felt he was born again. He looked at his wife and saw her with an unmistakable aura that revealed her true angelic nature. He believes that God tested his faith and that he was allowed to prove it in dealing with such hardship.

Alas, he returned home to discover that he owes many thousands of dollars to one of his credit cards that had been fraudulently used in Africa while he was in the coma. Shortly thereafter he developed a hernia. And not much later, he was declared legally blind. Meanwhile his health insurance was cancelled

As I struggled to absorb all of this, my friend sounded confident and strong, joking that his best years are still ahead. I call him regularly now to check on him, and each time we talk he sounds like his health is getting better. He is the one who encourages me when he feels I am running low on enthusiasm. In fact he wants us to get together again near Paris where he lives and reminisce around a good glass of wine.

My friend is not delusional, as many I know would think. In fact he acts the way he does because he is confident in the spiritual powers that have kept him alive so far. He loves to make fun of his situation saying: “A buddy of mine who is totally negative believes I cannot get worse; but another fellow, a positive one, replies, ‘Yes he can!’ However, I believe I reached the dark bottom, and I have only one way to go—up to the light…where the sky is.”

What clearly transpires from his words is his healthy spiritual attitude toward the unknown. Now he believes God has entrusted him with a mission on earth and that he has to fulfill it before dying. When I asked him what the mission is, he joyfully replies, “That only God knows!”


My friend’s unusual story inspired me at the time I was thinking about the theme of my Master’s project. It offered me an opportunity to reflect on my own thoughts about spirituality—a subject that has been much on my mind as I have done the Bachelor’s and Master’s studies.

It seems that it often takes a painful experience and suffering to achieve a spiritual awakening and to rethink the meaning of life. No words can accurately describe what spirituality is, even though theology amply defines it as a communion with God. The true meaning of spirituality cannot be verbalized because no human speaks the language of God. On the other hand, God knows what we want before we know, because He understands our ideas before we say a word. In fact prayer does not need words, only sincere wishes, since spirituality is to trust God with our lives.

Sickness may connect to many spiritual issues and often ignites the light of consciousness. The hidden spirituality emerges from the physical suffering, and the person becomes enlightened. Because no seeds of any kind can grow without light, so the seed of consciousness must be nourished by a universal light that represents life. This was the light that never left my friend, even in the darkest time of his life.

Darkness is mostly associated with death, and light with life. Our universe is still formed mostly by a dark energy we do not know anything about, yet we acknowledge the positive energy of light. We try to understand the mystery of the universe through our telescopes and space exploration. Our conscious efforts shed light on different detectable matters. But it is our subconscious mental process that goes beyond the physical aspect of any matter. It is the combination of two, which I call the metaconsciousness, that provides insight into spirituality which is not limited by any physicality.

Non-religious people display their spirituality through their positive thinking and ethical behavior. Their actions are exemplary, but their consciousness does not expand beyond their limited universe. They may feel a “connection” with something greater that they cannot explain, but that is not important to them.

However, all humans have spirituality, only they are not aware of it. My friend was very much aware and that helped him. By praying, my friend’s wife addressed to God her burning wish that was answered and granted. She was aware of that meditative force, a high form of spirituality with incredible therapeutic effects. If faith can move mountains, it can surely heal a spiritual believer. In many medical schools the self-healing phenomenon of prayer is now being studied.


There is much to write about this fascinating subject that has been so overlooked by the medical and scientific establishments and messed up by philosophical doctrines. The word spirituality comes from Latin spirit and spiritus, identified with the breath of life, soul, mind, inspiration, affection, purpose, and even pleasure. But we all know that is more than that: it is a belief in a supernatural power, a part of human intelligence, a search for the ultimate truth, and a higher consciousness that connects with the universal spirit. All these powerful mental qualities separate us from the non-human world.

Spiritually speaking, we can add very little to what the Greek philosophers stated 2,500 years ago. Brain composition has not changed in the last 100,000 years, nor has the genetic predisposition for spirituality. It may be the product of our moral evolution or of learning experience, neither of which solves the dilemma of how to differentiate it from fact and fiction, actions and beliefs. Or how to make the best use of it.

Nevertheless, to be spiritual is to have faith and make ethical good choices. Children with a spiritual upbringing become better citizens, as the notions of altruism, compassion, forgiveness, and generosity make them kind and understanding. One does not need to be religious to be spiritual, but it helps, since the rules for a happy life are already in the Scripture. There is no end to spiritual growth.

Spirituality provides the positive power to invigorate the mind and soul, provides that unique inner-god light, and it is a way to touch eternity and the infinite Self. A spiritual awakening is a life changing experience that leads to a pious and peaceful existence.

The other version of life is offered by our competitive society with its therapeutic culture where any kind of cure is supplied by a drug pushed by a massive advertising campaign. From headaches to cancer and from anxiety to suicide attempts, there is a prescription ready to be written by a doctor or a “shrink.” The backlash and side effects of the “magic” pill is often more serious that the original disease, and requires more prescriptions. The vicious circle is a sickness in itself.

The point is that in our overly ambitious society with values measured in money and where the purpose in life is to be number one, we have forgotten to talk to our bodies and pay attention to our inner spirituality. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent annually to treat depression and stress for hundreds of million people who have no clue that spirituality is the medicine for the souls and has healing powers beyond any expectations. Do those people have spirituality deficiency syndrome? Most likely they did not discover the power of meditation and prayer that makes a difference whether the problem is a headache or a life-threatening disorder or illness.


I am confident that spirituality has supernatural hidden qualities that create an attitude, a disposition, and strong emotions in a person willing to reach for an extra vital force. In the example of my friend, not only did his spirituality keep him alive, but it continues to provide him with an endless source of positive energy that makes him strong and optimistic about his future.

As for me, I consider spirituality to be an extension of consciousness with its own gravity that attracts similar higher sources of positive energy. In this way I connected with my “coma friend,” and I met another friend with equal spiritual powers who makes me happier than I have ever been before.

Because of my UMS studies I look at spirituality through the light of a metaphysical point of view, and gladly I immerse myself in the universal Self. No doubt, the Creator also conceived me as part of the inner Self of the universe, revealed to me during my meditative moments.

I am the effect of my thinking and of my past, and I am the source of most of my errors that changed my life. They all brought many awakening revelations that shaped my spirituality and redirected my life.

My purpose in life is to grow wiser, and I have thankfully reached the point when I am balancing my physical and mental functions. Finally, spiritual strong, just like my “coma friend,” I am at peace with what Life has in store for me. Amen!

© 2008 Ion Grumeza